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Fertility Services

We currently offer a range of fertility services to assist you with producing a healthy litter with as little stress to you and your dogs as possible. We are fully trained, accredited and insured to provide cervical cytology - analysis cervical cells to pin point the optimal time to mate or inseminate your bitch. We also offer a fully accredited semen analysis service, providing a certificate detailing the quality of your studs semen. We can also assist with preserving and shipping your studs semen after analysis. We are fully trained to provide a wake and bake service for delivered semen, and then inseminate your bitch, or we can express your stud, analyse the sample and inseminate your bitch for you. Going forward we can provide a fully trained pregnancy scanning service to confirm pregnancy and provide an estimated delivery date for your litter. We can offer packages of the above to suit your needs.
We can offer all services at our location or on a mobile basis. Message us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you, and receive a quote

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