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Available Stud Dogs

We offer a select stud service. All our studs are fully vaccinated, proven and experienced. We can also offer a full stud package which includes 2 cytology tests to help ensure we are breeding your bitch at the optimal point, 2 nights boarding so your bitch can stay on site with the stud over her 3 most fertile days, 2 natal scans to confirm pregnancy and provide an estimated delivery date and microchipping for the litter when they are born. 
Drop us an email to chat further! 


Cosmos is a lilac merle chihuahua and carries lilac and chocolate colouring along with the merle gene. He has a beautiful coat, with a full main, ears and leg feathers and a very impressive tail fan! Cosmos is by-eyed with one blue, and one green eye!
Cosmos is a proven stud and very calm and confident with bitches. He is very fit and healthy, has excellent dentation and a really wonderful personality. 

Breeding merles has to be done carefully, so depending on the colouring of your bitch we may request DNA screening to ensure we are breeding appropriately and safely.

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 14.41.18.png


Bear ( Bluchilli Toby Explorer at Albachi - AX02387401) is our beautiful, KC registered Russian boy. With Russian lines he has the very distinctive Russian head shape - beautifully round with a short, wide muzzle, and the thick, full main you would expect. He carried both chocolate and lilac colouring and has produced some really beautiful puppies. 
He has excellent health and dentation, is a very sturdy, strong, compact little dog - great for smaller bitches, and a really gentle and sweet personality. 

Bear is a very experienced stud who knows his job well. He is proven with many beautiful KC litters to his name. He is very gentle, and great with maiden dams. 

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